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Villa Vanilla is a luxury villa created as a dream project by its owner, which he later decided to open up for the public. Villa Vanilla was created as a slow-life button on the frenetic pace of today’s life. 30-40 minute drive from Mandwa jetty located in the seaside village of Thal, which is 20 minutes from Alibag. 

A series of Bali inspired villas, fronted by the Arabian Sea with direct beach access, surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden and swimming pool. There are three spacious villas on the ground floor with at most privacy and quietness. 

These villas are a comfortable fit for 8 adults and 6 kids. With the option of additional bedding and the extra-large living room along with dining, the gazebo offers a perfect space to enjoy time with family and friends.

The kitchen dishes out coastal Indian fare; alternatively you have the option to bring your own cook. We are sure you will definitely enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach. The master suite upstairs offers the best view of the sunset from the outside terrace attached to it. A private massage room offers a quiet escape to soothe your muscles and senses.

Vanilla derives its name from the favorite ice-cream of the owners.  For added entertainment, we offer a projector TV, board games and a pool table!  

Sunset Master Suite

Upstairs is the most magnificent sunset deck facing the unmatched panorama views of the Arabian Sea. The jewel of the crown - the magnificent master suite measuring 1200 square feet and providing you the sound of the waves. The oversized bathtub made of granite completes the luxurious experience!

Room Measurements:

Bed - 21 X 25 ft.
Bathroom - 14 x 21 ft.
Balcony - 16 x 21 ft.

Garden suite

Situated closest to the living room, the garden suite has a 4 poster double bed (easily fits 2 adults and a child) with an attached kitchen in case you want to make your own morning coffee. It opens into the garden where you can lay your yoga mat for soulful meditation practice by the winds across from the sea. The extra-large bathtub completes the luxurious suite.

Room Measurements:

Bedroom - 20 x 19 ft.
Bathroom - 10 x 8 ft.
Pantry - 8 x 10 ft.

Seaside suite

Situated in the side of the property, adjoining the family suite, is the modern, elegant seaside suite. Fitted with an over-sized bathtub and spacious to fit 2-3 people inside.

Room Measurements:

Bed - 21 x 27 ft.
Bathroom - 9 x 12 ft.

Family suite

The cozy family suite comes with an extra sleeping/relaxation area and television which allows you to kick back and watch some entertainment with your favorite butter popcorn. The suite has a state of the art shower bathroom with an outdoor flair.

Room Measurements:

Bed - 21 x 21 ft.
Bathroom - 7 x 17 ft.
Kids section - 9 x 11 ft.

Living room

Room Measurement:

42 x 30 ft.

Swimming pool

Room Measurement:

24 x 50 ft.

Massage room

Room Measurement:

10 x 13 ft.

Dining room

Room Measurement:

20 x 20 ft.